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  • HP6 Polystyrene Takeaway Food Boxes x 50

    £4.95 (£4.13 ex vat)

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    HP6 Polystyrene Takeaway Food Boxes

    Polystyrene takeaway food boxes ideal to keep hot food hot!  Square in shape and ideal for burgers/portions of chips, etc
    * Quick and easy to fill and serve.
    * Excellent heat retention ensures your food stays hot for longer.
    * Accurate portion control means that you maximise your profits.
    * Reduce the risk of burns due to the thermal qualities of EPS foam.
    * Reduce your environmental impact with this low carbon option.
    Packed in 50’s, manufactured in the UK.
    Approx dimensions:  Length 291mm (when opened across both sections)
                            Width  146mm
                            Height 72mm



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