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  • Silver Plastic Salad Servers – 5 Forks, 5 Spoons

    £4.99 (£4.16 ex vat)

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    Metallic Look Plastic Serving Utensils

    Metallic look cutlery looks like the real thing but without the expense!
    When you look at these products you would not believe that they are not made from stainless steel.  It is only when you pick it up that you realise it is, in fact, plastic. Highly attractive and extremely functional, this cutlery is used in many situations where real metal is not practical.  Whilst very economical to use they are also sturdy enough for multiple uses if required.
    Great for serving salads, pasta, rice etc
    Each pack contains 5 serving forks and 5 serving spoons measuring approx 9.5″ in length.


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